Random Delta Photographs: Page One

Headed down the Blues Highway and back to Louisiana in May, 1998. Near Hollandale, Mississippi.

When ole Muddy sang, "Going down to Louisiana. Get me a mojo hand," this is the way he went. New Orleans is about 250 miles thataway.

(That's not my camper.)

Headed down Highway 61

This is the brass plaque beside the gazebo in front of the Rolling Fork, Mississippi, courthouse.

This plaque is the only visible evidence of Rolling Fork's pride in its most famous son.

Muddy's brass plaque

Take a look at Muddy's gazebo. That's Muddy's brass plaque between the gazebo and the street. It's located on China Street in Rolling Fork. I took the photo from a position near the front door of Sam Sing's Grocery.

After I snapped the photo, I walked across the street and up to the 3 black men you can see relaxing in the shade of Muddy's gazebo. I then said, "I know y'all gonna think this is a dumb question, but what kind of music do y'all like?"

Muddy's gazebo

A 30ish man with bushy sideburns General Burnside would have been proud of said, "Don't care
nothin' fer no kind."

A 30ish man who looked like he just crawled from beneath a tractor and probably did said, "I don't
care 'bout none of it, but if somebody's sittin' 'round playin' it I'll listen."

A 50ish and neatly dressed man who looked like a cowboy and probably was said, "I always
liked blues and I like jazz, but this rap crap I don't like at all. I can sit an' get quiet an'
listen to the blues."

Hey, I've got lots in common with that Rolling Fork fellow!

I found this relic in a junkyard beside Highway 82 a few miles east of Greenville, Mississippi.

For some damned reason I took the photo in low resolution. The words you can't read say, "You stab 'em--we slab 'em."

Marti's Mortuary

Near Swiftwater, Mississippi.

Here's one solution to living in a flood-prone area such as the Delta--build your house on an Indian burial mound.

I wonder if these rich white folks ever hear eerie noises at night.

A house on a mound

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